Why MagiskSU over SuperSU Android?

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Systemless rooting with Magisk will result in you with MagiskSU making your entire attempt to root privileges completely. With the systemless nature of the tool, MagiskSU helps with hiding the root status at any time to avoid recognizing from the Google security standards.

So MagiskSU works magically with the best superuser privileges when the original system files remain unaltered. The process here is modifying the system but not changing the core code.

The changes you made here are saved in the boot image keeping the real system partitions unchanged. This makes you bypass Google’s fence of security and enjoy all the apps and features.

Pros and cons of Magisk

To know all the features and importance of MagiskSU, you must know all its pros and cons. So here we brief the facts to make you aware of the tool well.


  • Easily bypass SafetyNet and many concealed security measures to give you the best chance to enjoy all features
  • Access to Financial apps will be granted
  • Snapchat app will be restored
  • Can add Magisk modules to add plenty of useful features and functions
  • Android Pay access with no interruption
  • Support to play Pokémon Go
  • Support in installing System-less Xposed Framework for advanced features
  • Receives regular updates to Magisk
  • Regular OTA update support
  • Can hide root access at the moment required


  • Start compatibility from Android version 4.2 to upper
  • Magisk is not compressed with lz4. as it only allows Gzip compressed boot.img

Why MagiskSU in the place of SuperSU?

When you decide to have Android root, what will first come to mind is installing Superuser. As you might already aware, SuperSU by Chainfire is one main element in Android root which completes your attempts to administrative privileges. And many app developers recommend SuperSU Download here with its high safe work frame and essential features. But here it does not go with Magisk Root.

With SuperSU you will find the same restrictions on banking apps, Netflix, and apps like Pokemon Go after root changes. But if you use MagiskSU, you will not meet up the troubles as it will come with the complete package. In fact, MagiskSU going to grant permission through root restricted apps as well with no barriers.

And in the other way, Chainfire’s SuperSU finds with no regular updates. With that, the app comes with many issues and full of user complaints. There, MagiskSU is a great replacement with many added advantages over SuperSU.

Can I switch from SuperSU to MagiskSU?

Yes, you can. To switch from SuperSU to MagiskSU, first, you have to unroot the Android device. You can find an inbuilt unroot option under SuperSU that can easily remove SU binary. If done, you can now switch to MagiskSU by flashing Magisk zip. File. Make sure you flash the latest Magisk file to have all updated features.

MagiskSU is an alternative root management tool to SuperSU. If you continue with systemless root through Magisk, the next move is MagiskSU. It can modify the system in a systemless method without changing the core code. Hope you enjoy root with MagiskSU.

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