Download Magisk Manager Apk and Zip Latest Version 27.0 for Android

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As we know there are so many different methods to Root different versions of Android. Among all these rooting tools in the industry, Magisk Download is one of the easiest ways to Root an Android-running device. Magisk is also referred to as the first universal systemless Rooting tool developed by Xda developer Topjohn Wu. With the help of this amazing tool, you can root your device without even affecting on your device’s internal files which were the primary factor Magisk became the best Android Rooting tool worldwide too. This write-up will aid you to check out more concerning this amazing device and likewise, you can download the most up-to-date Magisk Download variations in our download section below.

What is Magisk Manager APK?

Magisk Manager is a freeware application that allows you to root Android devices and manage rooted Android devices. Magisk APK automatically gets highlighted among many other rooting tools because of this root managing feature. All the other rooting tools are only capable of rooting Android devices, and this is the only one that can manage a rooted device. So Magisk Manager APK automatically becomes the best rooting tool for Android smartphones, phablets, and tablets.

Magisk Root is the best alternative for the Chainfire’s SuperSU. The developer Topjohnwu developed this special root managing tool as the solution to system rootiThishich means, Magisk APK is an application that roots the Android devices systemless-ly. If superSU is installed on your device, you can’t run some of the Play Store apps such as banking apps, Pokemon Go, etc. But Magisk Manager can hide root from your device and you can use those apps on rooted devices.

Version Info

Package Namecom.topjohnwu.magisk
Size20.1 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Size11.95 MB
DateNov 9, 2023
Major TaskMagisk hides root from Apps and Games
Architecturearmeabi-v7a, x86, arm64-v8a, x86_64
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or higher Version

Features of Magisks Manager

  1. Magisk Hide: Magisk Manager allows you to cover up the root permission from the Play Store applications. It hides the root from the applications such as Android Pay, Pokemon Go, Netflix, etc. Using this feature, you can run the Play Store apps which you are not allowed to run on the rooted devices.
  2. MagiskSU: This feature gives you the superuser power to grant or deny the necessary permission for any application. Keep in mind that, this feature only works on rooted Android devices.
  3. Install: The installing and uninstalling processes of the Magisk can be done with the help of the application.
  4. Modules: In the Magisk Manager application, there are different modules just like in the Xposed Framework. You can install those modules on your Android device.
  5. Magic Mount: Using this feature of the Magisk APK, you can do anything in your device system. You can do any modification without affecting your device partitions.
  6. Downloads: From the Downloads section, you can manage all your repos.
  7. Resetprop: Using this feature, you can make any change in your system prop files, and build.prop files with read-only files.
  8. Magisk Manager: Complete management and Upgrade Magisk in-app, with all manage purposes, upgrades, and Downloads in the frame, to Install Magisk Modules from the online Magisk Module Repo, which is publicly focused.
  9. Install: The installing and Magisk uninstalling processes of the Magisk can be done with the help of the application.
  10. Systemless-ly Editing: Magisk allows the users to customize their device as per their requirements without having effects on partitions. Although, it’s a great feature, but requires good knowledge and experience to make it work properly without causing any issues on the device.

Download And Install Magisk Manager Latest Version v27.0

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version

The developer Topjohnwu developed the Magisk Manager tool with the arrival of Android Marshmallow. It is a complete freeware application for all compatible Android smartphones, phablets, and tablets. So you can download Magisk APK on the handset without spending a single cent from your wallet. Magisk is a user-friendly application for Android devices, and it won’t harm any Android device. The amazing functionality of this application gives you the best rooting experience for the devices. If you are confused about where to download Magisk Manager, we give you the direct download links free of charge.

Magisk Manager v27.0 is the most recent version that was released by John Wu and you can download any Android version above Android 5.0 by just searching in your internet browser. You can likewise utilize the link that I state in the first paragraph to Download Magisk Manager on your device free of cost.

Note: Magisk Manager only works with Android 5.0 Lollipop or above Android running devices. In that case, you must know your current Android version before you going to Magisk Download on your device.

Download Magisk v27.0


Download Magisk v26.4


Download Magisk v26.3


Download Magisk v26.2


Download Magisk v26.1


Download Magisk v26.0


Download Magisk v25.0


Download Magisk v24.0


magisk manager APK Download old version ( All Versions )

VersionDownload Link
Magisk Manager-v7.5.apkDownload
Magisk Manager-v7.4.0.apkDownload
Magisk Manager-v7.3.5.apkDownload
Magisk Manager-v7.3.4.apkDownload
Magisk Manager-v7.3.2.apkDownload
Magisk Manager-v7.3.1Download
Magisk Manager-v7.3.0Download
Magisk Manager-v7.2.0Download
Magisk Manager-v7.1.2Download
Magisk Manager-v7.1.1Download
Magisk Manager-v7.1.0Download
Magisk Manager-v7.0.0Download
Magisk Manager-v6.1.0Download
Magisk Manager-v6.0.1Download
Magisk Manager-v6.0.0Download

Download Magisk Root ZIP – Flashable Android Root ZIP 2024

VersionDownload Link
Magisk v27.0. zip – LatestDownload
Magisk – – BetaDownload
Magisk-uninstaller-20200323.zipDownload -StableDownload
Magisk – – BetaDownload


You should be ready with a couple of things before you make use of the magisk.

  1. Magisk Zip (to flash it through TWRP).
  2. Magisk Manager Apk (android application).
  3. Uninstall Zip (you can use it anytime you want to uninstall the manager).
  4. Collection of Magisk Modules known as “Mount Magisk Zip”.
  5. A Clean Boot Image.

How To Install Magisk Manager on Android Device?

There are two different methods to install Magisk Manager on an Android device. This is the first method that doesn’t require root privileges for installing the Magisk App on your device. Now there are some requirements that you need to make sure of before using this method.


First of all, your Android device should have TWRP recovery mode installed to install the Magisk Manager app. Please note any other Recovery modes like CWM are not recommended and suitable for this method. If you don’t have TWRP installed, then I suggest you to install it first to be on safer side.

Magisk Manager was removed from the Google Play Store thus you cannot find it out there. Don’t worry, please use the link provided below to download the most latest version.

Note: Before coming to the installation of the Magisk Manager tool, you must enable the “Unknown Sources” on your Android mobile. If you skipped this step, you will have to enable it when you are trying to install the downloaded Magisk tool. So it is better to start the downloading after enabling it.

  1. Now find the direct download link to the Magisk APK from our website. Click on the download link and download the Magisk Manager on your handset.

  1. After the downloading is successful, copy or move the Zip to your device’s internal storage. Also, make sure you remember the folder and location where you have placed the Zip file in your internal storage. (Note it down somewhere for reference)

  1. Now Turn off your device completely and boot into TWRP recovery Mode by holding Volume Up + Power key simultaneously.

  1. After entering into the TWRP mode, there you will find the “Install” option which you need to select. Remember the location where you have saved the Zip file of Magisk Manager.

  1. tap on the Install button on the Home of TWRP and Select the file from the Directory where you have stored it. Navigate to that location and find the Zip file to flash it on your device. 

How To Install Magisk Manager on Android Device?

  1. Then swipe the the blue slider Install button. That’s it. The installation will take a while to complete, so keep patience till then.

How to Install Magisk and Safely Root Your Android

  1.  Once the installation is successful, you can reboot your device to see the changes.

  1. open the Magisk Manager to confirm whether you have root access or not. see the status of your installation.


There are some apps that will automatically detect if your device is rooted even if you can pass various tactics such as SafetyNet. Check out the guidelines that will definitely help you instantly.

  • Open up the Magisk Manager and click on the menu button which is at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap “Settings” to turn on the Magisk Hide option.
  • Scroll Down and “Toggle On” the Magisk Hide on the app.
  • Go to the menu again and click on it, this time you can see “Magisk Hide” added to the menu on your Android device.
  • Now you can select any from the list of apps installed on your Android device to hide root from.
  • You can choose all of them at once to hide the root from all the apps from that list.

Important Note: It is suggested to clear the app data and cache before processing the guidelines provided above. Why because most of the apps will remember the root when they are accessed the first time.

Now you can open any app that is previously detecting the root on your Android device. I am pretty sure you will be able to use those apps without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

Q.1 What is Systemless Root?

Systemless Rooting means rooting Android devices without accessing the system files. It helps you to use the device more efficiently.

Q.2 Does rooting void the device warranty?

Q.3 Is Magisk Manager Free to Download?

Yes. You can Download Magisk completely free. From download to Magisk Root and complete management through Magisk Manager, it is totally free.

Q.4 Is it legal to Root Android?

Android rooting is now legal. So you can enjoy rooting with no legal issues from all around the world. Make sure you check with completely free root with the best tool.

Q.5 Is Magisk Manager risky to take?

As a properly developed rooting program, Magisk Manager is risk-free. It does not contain any malware or harmful content. The specialty of Magisk manager is its no touch on system partitions and boot partitions. Different from other root tools, here it does not install third-party apps on the device which in the other way verifies the safety of Magisk Manager.


You have come to the end of the tutorial “How to Install and Use Magisk Manager, Magisk Hide, Magisk Modules altogether. Remember, if your device is rooted and you would like to make some online banking or would like to play multiplayer games, you can use Magisk right away. I hope this guide is helpful for you; share this guide with your friends on social media and let them also know how to use it. If you have any issues, you can drop your comments below.

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